Working Together To Ensure Better Outcomes

Better outcomes at work

When you step into our hospital it is easy to see our common goal at work: Working to achieve better outcomes for our patients. It starts with our employees and their passion to help each patient overcome their adversity and reach a better quality of life. Providing patients with unmatched, personalized care is only possible by hiring the most passionate, talented caregivers we can find.

Commitment to Better Outcomes

Our commitment is to deliver a higher level of care in order to achieve better outcomes for our patients. Our unique approach to rehabilitation is evident by our interdisciplinary team approach, leading edge technology, and evidence-based strategies.

We’re committed to providing better outcomes to our employees as well. We’ve paved the way by creating an environment where patient success is a reflection of the quality of care we provide and we celebrate those successes each and every day.

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Celebrating Successful Outcomes

Employee Recognition Programs

HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Colorado Springs offers several recognition programs for employees.  The purpose of the annual employee appreciation program is to recognize extraordinary and exceptional behavior and contributions by employees.  Nominated employees must have made contributions that support the HealthSouth values which include supporting a positive patient experience, ensuring productivity, contributing to quality improvements, encouraging team spirit and cooperation amongst the staff.  Each year recognition awards are given at the hospital, regional, and company-wide level. 

Since the program’s inception, HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital has been honored with two regional winners; Boyd Schultz, physical therapy assistant, was honored as the Western Region’s Winner in 2009 for his outstanding contributions that have included innovative musical group therapies.  In 2011, Ashley Miranda, physical therapist, was honored as the Western Region’s Winner for her outstanding contributions which included her work to support our Stroke Center of Excellence designation.

CRRN® Program:

Becoming a Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse is a professional and personal achievement.  The CRRN designation shows a commitment to excellence in caring for people with physical disabilities and chronic illnesses.  Those who achieve CRRN status are experienced rehabilitation nurses who have reached a level of knowledge in this practice area and pass a qualifying examination.

HealthSouth believes that having CRRN nurses on staff is a benefit to our patients.  In order to support our nurses in achieving the CRRN designation, HealthSouth will reimburse for the examination fee and offers pay bonuses and increases for those that are granted an active designation.

Educational Assistance Programs

HealthSouth supports staff development and continuing education.  In order to assist employee development we offer two types of educational assistance programs; tuition reimbursement and continuing education.

  1. Tuition Reimbursement: Reimbursement of tuition to a full-time and part-time employee (working 24 hours or more) upon successful completion of graduate or undergraduate level courses in pursuit of a pre-approved job-related degree program. 
  2. Continuing Education: Company payment for an employee to participate in job-related courses, seminars, conferences, certifications, etc. that enhance the employee’s professional development.

HealthSouth recognizes the contribution of its employees by hosting employee appreciation events throughout the year.  Some highlights are the celebration of professional designation weeks (i.e. Nurse’s Week, Therapy Weeks, Administration Professional’s Day, and Rehabilitation Week).  We also host employee appreciation banquets, all-employee baseball games, all-employee picnics and a year-end holiday party at a local resort.

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HealthSouth is a family environment. We treat the whole patient, not just the symptom. Check out my video testimonial to learn more.
Lawrence Seales, Rehabilitation Nursing Technician

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